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Ready Mix Concrete


Your everyday, average-joe
cement, stone, sand, and water.

Perfect for driveways, sidewalks, footings, stairs, patios, parking lots, streets, and highways.

Ozinga has been providing ready mix concrete and building materials to our customers for over 89 years. We have vast experience and expertise in concrete to help you build your legacy.

Ozinga’s dispatch centers are widely regarded as some of the finest, most technologically advanced dispatch centers in the industry. Friendly, well-trained dispatchers, coupled with state-of-the-art tracking equipment, ensure Ozinga’s reputation as the market leader in customer service.

Ozinga woman ready mix dispatch

As one of the area’s premier concrete suppliers, our commitment to quality assurance and innovation has never been stronger.

Let’s talk about crafting the perfect mix for your project. Get in touch today!

Product Delivery Methods

Our dedication to innovation doesn’t stop at concrete mixes. We also ensure our product delivery methods exceed your expectations, whether through our state-of-the-art, CNG-powered ready mix trucks to installing a mobile concrete plant directly at your jobsite.


Ready Mix Truck Fleet


Mobile Concrete Plants

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